Thursday, July 31, 2008

The Great Opponent of Muhammad Become His Followers

Sakhr ibn Harb as known as Abu Sufyan commonly was a leader of Quraish of Mecca and stauch opponent of Muhammad before adopting Islam later of life. He born 560 CE as son of Harb ibn Umayya. He has connected with Muhammad through his great-grandfather, Abd Shams ibn Abd Manaf, brother of Hashim, great-grandfather of Muhammad. He married with Hind bint Utbah and have relationship with Soffiya bint Abi al-A'as, later well known as Ummu Habibah. He involved many battles against Muhammad; Battle of Uhud and Battle of Ahzab. He also involved in Consquest Muslim of Mecca that later on he and almost all of Quraish people adopted to Islam.
Then he fought as Muhammad lieutenant's in the subsequents of war. He was in charge in Najran after Muhammad died. He also involved in Battle of Yarmouk; against Roman Byzantine. He died at ninety years old in Medina, during Uthman period.

Luqman Al-Hakim

Luqman is a holy man that mentioned in Luqman (surah) in Quran. He believed in Nubia, present-day Ethiopia. He is a preceptive man, always watching the animal and he tried to understand to the world based on what he saw. One day, while he sleeping under the tree, the angle come to him and said God wanted to bestow a gift upon Luqman: eitherto be a prophet or wise man. Luqman choose to be wise man. When he wake up from his slumber, he was aware that his sense and understanding has become sharpened. He felt complete harmony with and nature and could understand the inner meaning of things, beyond the physical. Immidiately he bowed down, praised and thankful to God for this wonderful gift.
Unfortunately, he captured by slaver and sold as slave. His master was kind man and ordered Luqman freed immidiately after he dead. He traveled and setteled in the district of Elah and Midian. He also appointed as judge during King David's period. His principes are truthful speech, fulling the trust and leaving what does not concern me.
It not be confused that Luqman was a prophet.


This music is an Islamic oriented song. Usually, this music sung a capella, acompanied only daff due to the scholar Muslimss interpret Islam as probihiting the use of musical instrument except for some basic percussion. The new generation of nasheed use a variety of musical instrument widely in their air. This is very controversy amongs Muslim community in fact the range of scholarly opinions that exist on Music of Islam. These range is neither from singing nor music as long as subject matter is of an Islamic ethos.
Nasheed is porpular in Middle East, Southeast Asia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo and South Asia as well as in UK among British Muslim.

Material Arts

Material arts is a system of cofied practises and traditions of training for combat. There are objectives that have studies; defeat one or more physically and defend oneself or others from physical threat. These may linked to spiritual or religious beliefs/philosophies and while the others have own spiritual/non-spiritual of honour. The material arts may practised as most commontly as combat sports, it may also be in form of dance.
Accually, its refers to any sort of codified combat system, regardless of origin. Each style has unique facets shown a common characteristic in the systemization of fighting techinque makes it different from other. The word 'material' are derived from Mars, a Roman god of war. Therefore, 'material art.' shown as arts of wars.