Wednesday, August 20, 2008



Dr. Soliman from University Hospital, Amman, Jordan has reported that during the month of Ramadan 1404 AH (June-July, 1984 AD) healthy Muslim volunteers@2 males and 26 females ranging in age from 15-64 and 16-28 years respectively-were studied. They were weighed and their blood levels of cortisol, testosterone, Na, K, urea, glucose, total
cholesterol, high density lipoprotein (HDL), low density lipoprotein (LDL), triglycerides (TG) and serum osmolality were measured at the beginning and at the end of Ramadan. There was significant loss of weight in males from a mean of 73.8 +/-6.2 kg to 72.0 +/-7.1 kg (P less
than 0.01) and in females from 55.2 +/-4.8 to 54.6 +/-4.2 kg (P less than 0.05). Blood glucose levels rose in males from 77.7 +/-23.6 mg/dl to 90.2 +/31.2 mg/dl (P less than 0.05) and in females from 76.0 +/-7.6 mg/dl to 84.5 +/-11.1 mg/di (P less than 0.002). All other parameters did not show significant changes.

Dr. F. Azizi and his associates from the University of Medical Sciences, Tehran, Iran has reported the following. Serum levels of glucose, bilirubin, calcium, phosphorus, protein, albumin, FSH, LH, testosterone, prolactin, TSH, T4, T3, and T3 uptake, as well as prolactin and TSH responses to TRH were evaluated in a group of nine healthy men before and on the 10th, 20th, and 29th days of Ramadan. Mean body weight decreased from 65.4 +/- 9.1 to 61.6 +/- 9.0 kg at 29th day. Serum glucose decreased from 82 +/- 4 mg/dl on the 10th day, and increased thereafter (76 +/- 3 and 84 +/- 5 on the 20th and 29th days of fasting
respectively). Serum bilirubin increased from 0.56 +/- 0.17 to 1 43 +/-.52 mg/dl on the 10th day, and decreased thereafter (I. I. +/- 0.4 on the 20th and 29th days). All changes returned to basal values four weeks after fasting. There were no significant changes in serum levels of Ca, P. protein, albumin, and any of the measured hormones. Prolactin and TSH responses to TPH were also unaltered. He concluded that 1) intermittent abstinence from food and drink for 17 hours a day for 29 days does not alter male reproductive hormones, hypothalamic-pituitary- thyroid axis or peripheral metabolism of thyroid hormones and 2) physicians caring for Muslims should be aware of changes of glucose and bilirubin during Ramadan.

Therefore it is concluded from the above two studies that the pre-scribed fast does not cause any adverse medical effect and on the contrary, may have some beneficial effect on weight and lipid metabolism.

Monday, August 4, 2008

Build These Muscles

These steps is very impressive if you are read and practise.
  1. Increase calcium intake; by drink the milk when childhood and adolences, calcium will absorb into your bone and in later ages does not loses the bone.
  2. Try strenght-traning exercise; this will build the strong muscles.
  3. Avoid fizzy drinks that containing phosphoric acid will take out from body will get lost of bones.
  4. Take walk in the park; the very simple exercise. So, walk for 30-45 minutes to get strenght of the muscle.
  5. Build up vitamin D levels by basking 15-20 minutes of sunlight at face and hand early in the morning.
  6. Watch the alcohol intake. This will damage the new bone cells and interferes with calcium absorption tend to loss of bones.
  7. Visit the chiroprator to massage the spange.
  8. Stop smoking. The osteporosis will great if smoking is still going on.

So, what will you waiting for? Do it if you want to get a great tough body.

Reader Digest, July 2008

4 Ways Of Looking At A Bicycle

May man look one thing in this world in many ways. Just example, bicycle. The are four many ways of looking at a bicycle. First bicycle as a lifesaver. In Africa, the medicians use bicycle to travel along the Africa that not have a good road. In France, there are many citizens use this transport in their live due to effect of travelling with fuel transport. So the bicycle are in community property and is illegal if someone stole it.
Bicycle also woks as a concept of future technology. Many scientist use the bicycle to create other transport cycle-like for safety of the person who take it to ride. Beside that, this transport use as a memorial due to accident of the bicyclist. This memorial of bicycle is put the place that have bicycle accident before. So, what of your view about the bicycle.

Reader Digest, July 2008

Added Spin On Sin

Below are wrong doing that added by Christian Catholic;
  1. 'Bioethical' violation,
  2. 'Morally dubiosus',
  3. Drug abuse,
  4. Polluting the environtment,
  5. Contributing to widening the divide between rich and poor,
  6. Excessive wealth, and
  7. Creating poverty.

So, what should we do if we have these habit or our friends or our relatives? Think about it...

Reader Digest July 2008