Monday, October 20, 2008

10 Ways To Be And Stay Happy

Of course in this life there are several things that must give the bad impact to us as human. Sometimes, you feel up set, anger, and many more.

Below there are 10 ways to be and stay happy:

Make a list of things that make you happy. Focusing on what makes us happy has a way of, well... making us happy!

Keep things in perspective. Think back to other times that you felt this down - did they always warrant such a strong reaction? This is not to beat yourself up about the past, but to realize that you have and can again survive situations that you thought were too much too handle.

Imagine yourself smiling. Smiling sends an internal message that all is well. Go ahead -- What have you got to lose, a bad mood?

Be here now! Take small steps. If, for example, your mood may brighten just by stepping outside routine, and reaching for a small spontaneous moment. Here's a hint: Start small. Watch puppies, kittens and small children. Watch...and learn.

Release anger, envy & resentment! This are self-destructive. We hold them, intending to throw them at someone, but they never really leave us.

Forgive! Forgiveness is something we do as much for our own healing as for that of the other. It is NOT acceptance of abuse or permission for an action,but a release of an act's affect on you.

Let go and laugh. When you feel negativity building, seek out the things that make you laugh - a funny movie, a joke, a favorite website, a goofy friend -or plan a "mood music get together" with friends: Score each other one point for thinking up true 'Feel-Good' songs. (e.g. "I Feel Good"--James Brown).

Write Thank You notes! Keep a journal of all the people and things you are thankful for. This is especially helpful on rough days. Why not take five minutes and contribute to someone else happiness? You will like yourself better for doing it which is, by the way, one of the true secrets to happiness!

Avoid depression triggers. If there are unhealthy people or places in your life, consider decreasing their role. You'll find that the better you feel about yourself, the more naturally this will occur: If you treat yourself well, you won't settle for anyone that doesn't.

Shake that body! Exercise is a great way to avoid or alleviate depressive symptoms. The body and mind are strongly connected, and neglecting either will have negative consequences. You may want to join an aerobics class where you can meet new people or take up yoga or meditation.

Enjoy now to get an happy life!!!

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