Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Real Part vs Imaginary Part


What do you think about real part and imaginary part?

In the mathematical language, real part is the number that we can calculate meanwhile the imaginary part is the number the we cannot calculate directly with real part. The real part represent x-axis while imaginary part represent y-axis.

What about in life?
Do you think real part and imaginary part are important?

In daily life, imaginary is what we want to do now and future. For example, I want marry with a princess, buy a expensive vehicle like Ferrari, build a bungalow at hillside, etc...
However, the real situation is differ what we imaging. Maybe what that stated above can be done, but it contain many risks, nails and many more to reach that. Furthermore, we cannot sure what happen next. If we cannot reach what we imaging, it will break your heart and your motivation. Thus, you will find the high building and jump downward. In addition, the imaging sometimes too fantasy and not realistic to inter-prate in our daily life.

So, why these are so important?

Actually, we as human cannot escape either imaginary or reality in our life. With imaginary, you can do it as your dream a.k.a. ambition. With these ambition, a person tried with his/her best to reach that although there are many risks at this line. The imaginary related to reality. It's that right?

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